Tom Hiddleston explains why I love the gothic

I did not consciously connect the dots between Tom Hiddleston and the acting roles he’s played until recently (why yes, I DO live under a rock–thank you for asking) when he was revealed as my love match at the end of one of those 6-question fb quizzes. Since then, he’s been popping up all over in the vicinity of my rock. He’s doing press for the Crimson Peak movie and my daughter has informed me he was Loki in the Thor movies (I saw those! I loved Loki!) Then I saw gifs of a video of Hiddleston talking about the gothic genre on Buzzfeed. The gifs were covered with Buzzfeed’s cutesy comments going on about how hot Tom Hiddleston is — not untrue — but mostly ignoring the fact that he was saying intelligent things about gothic literature. So I went in search of a pure, unadulterated source of the gothic and Hiddleston and found this. I love what he says about the appeal of the gothic — he even mentions Lord Byron and Mary Shelley! A man after my own heart.

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